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OK – I have faced up to it – I suck at writing great (or even good headlines).

As a first step in putting it right I have looked at headlines from 4 of the top viral sites on the internet today – ViralNova.com, Buzzfeed.com, Mashable.com and Huffingtonpost.com.

These are all headlines for trending articles for each site on 14 August 2015.

No conclusions yet but viralnova seems a closer match for 100k Factory

Viral Nova

Watch The Cuteness That Occurs When A Baby Elephant Can’t Keep Up With His Bud

They Thought They Were Going to Lose their newborn son…Until a miracle happened

When this corgi plays fetch he really gets into it. He even has a little dance

They found a traumatized dog stuck in a shrub. The reason why shocked them

This lifeguard miraculously saved a little girl from drowning

This baby can’t hide his excitement for food. And we know just how he feels

33 pet birthdays and prove that special day of the year is totally the best

Would you live in a shipping container? After seeing this you might consider it.

These look like delicious lattes. But they are somehow even better

This kid isn’t afraid to get down when he hears Taylor Swift on the radio

This dude stepped into the batter’s box and pulled off something incredibly cool

When he dropped a sparkler into water, something unexpected happended

This family lost everything in a horrible fire… Until they discovered a miracle.

A woman risked her life to save a kitten stuck in a drain pipe

One man attempts the most gut wrenching thing you will ever see

They gave their dog some water balloons. And this is the hilarious result

This little boy trying to break a board in Taekwondo class is officially the cutest ever

This puppy has the best reaction to experiencing rain for the first time ever

This bear’s reaction ot a scientific experiment is priceless… And Genius

This poor dog’s family moved and left her behind to starbe by herself

An Australian angler was reeling in a hammerhead when a GIANT tiger shark ended up on his line

These itt-bitty piglets enjoying an afternoon snack are bound to make you smile

A couple was driving through a strorm when they recorded this shocking video

Kids made fun of this old mans house, so a good Samaritan helped him out

When it came time for this cat’s bath, he learned a new word just to protest it

What happens to this incredibly bold and impressive tattto is beyond amazing

This little girl steps up to the mike and tears the house down


Buzzfeed – Trending 14 August 2015

How fucking british are you

Please drop everything and tell us hou you put a bra on

The hardest “Friends” quiz you’ll ever take

This guy used science to get an 86%bigger burrito at Chipotie

10 things woment in their 20s need to stop worrying about

These 4 questions will dertermin if you’re a morning or night person

47 Questions we still have after the “Pretty Little Liars” summer of answers

17 College hookup horror stories that will leave you better about yourself

26 Struggles every dogless dog-lover will understand

18 “Game of Thrones” moments improved by Monty Python quotes

This is what it is like being a gay christiam rock star

This is what a Disney princess looks like without makeup

19 labour supporters who have been called tory during the leadership vote

37 foods and drinks from your childhood that you will never taste again

The 25 struggles every catless cat person will understand

15 things you should know before trying to get shredded abs

These “Would you rather” questions will tell you which Disney Princess you are

23 undeniable struggles only art students will understand

39 welsh rugby players who want to wrap their bulging thighs around you

There’s a secret way of eating curry that you need to know about


This dude ordered 100 slices of pork on his ramen and lived to tell the tale

A top Apple designer made some intriguing comments about cars

US Marines who lowered the flag at embassy in Cuba raise it 54 years later

#POTUSPlaylist Obama’s summer jams hit Spotify

Windows 10 may send Microsoft data even when you tell it not to

Janelle Monae releases powerful new protest song “Hell you talmbout”

Birdseye UK suggested turning chicken dippers into party canapes and it went horribly wrong

One small detail in the “hunger games” promo was accidentally NSFW

This life-saving technology delivers ‘super human’ sight when you need it most

Tinder troll is winning over ladies by stealing Forest Gump’s life story

Plushy minions act as faulty cover for cocainde deliveries

Yellowstone National Park euthanises female grizzly bear that killed hiker

Galaxy unpacked some terrible jokes during its galaxy note 5 event

I asked my dad, a rabbi, to translate the Hebre trailier for Natalie Portman’s new movie

Rio’s Olympic waters won’t be treated for viruses despite pollution problems

Alien planet imager discovers the most Jupiter like planet ever found

Super chilled London Fox naps on second floor window ledge

Remot Caribbean Islands now get pizza delivery by plane

Huffington Post – US (now seems to follow the main stream news feeds)

Old glory over Havana

Japan’s PM stops short of apology for WW2

Social security at 80 – lessons learnt

Firefighter rescued from blast zone in China’s Tianjin

Incredible time-lapse video shows the raw power of a microburst

I’m a man and I have spent my life ashamed of my body

El Nino could be one for the history books

Are you your own worst enemy?

Spanish town installs communal fridge to fight food waste

I’m a gay man who loves sex (and here’s why that’s suddenly a problem)

Prince George is being harassed and the palace is pissed

7 secrets for subtly influencing people around you

Kylie Jenner denies crashing her new Ferrari

Beer bots can fetch booze for people too lazy to get up

8 dynamite books for the dog days of summer

Why so many women are ditching their underwear









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