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This is an attempt to classify successful viral post headlines by reverse engineering ViralNova Headlines.

Type 1:

This object/person did something (and actually it’s pretty interesting)

  1. This Lifeguard Miraculously Saved A Little Girl From Drowning
  2. This Kid Isn’t Afraid To Get Down When He Hears Taylor Swift On The Radio
  3. This Puppy Has The Best Reaction To Experiencing Rain For The First Time Ever
  4. This Little Girl Steps Up To The Mike And Tears The House Down

Type 2:

This object/person did something (it can be really quite banal). What happened next will astound, amaze, scare, shock, delight, surprise… you. (Hilarious, laugh out loud, cutest ever)

  1. This Baby Can’t Hide His Excitement For Food. And We Know Just How He Feels
  2. This Family Lost Everything In A Horrible FireUntil They Discovered A Miracle.
  3. This Little Boy Trying To Break A Board In Taekwondo Class Is Officially The Cutest Ever
  4. This Dude Stepped Into The Batter’s Box
    And Pulled Off Something Incredibly Cool
  5. This Bear’s Reaction To A Scientific Experiment Is PricelessAnd Genius
  6. These Itty-Bitty Piglets Enjoying An Afternoon Snack Are Bound To Make You Smile
  7. This Flower Pot Thing Looks Weird, But It Will Save You Tons Of Money This Winter
  8. This Guy Knew His Dog Grabbed Something In The Water But He Never Expected This
  9. This Looks Like A Boring Garden House But It’s Way Cooler Than You Could Imaging
  10. This Dog Was Walking Along A RoadBut She Had An Unexpected Passenger In Tow
  11. These Look Like Delicious Lattes. But They Are Somehow Even Better
  12. This teen was practising her dance routine when her little sister stole the show
  13. This dog’s reaction to hearing sports on the TV is absolutely hilarious

Type 3:

Type 3 ads are a variant of Type 2. Still uses the “This/These” construct but now adds in “When…, What…, How….”

  1. When This Cow’s BFF Stops By She Does The Sweetest (And Funniest) Thing For Him
  2. When It Came Time For This Cat’s Bath, He Learned A New Word Just To Protest It
  3. What Happens To This Incredibly Bold And Impressive Tattoo Is Beyond Amazing
  4. When you see how this husky reacts to getting caught you will laugh out loud
  5. When This Corgi Plays Fetch He Really Gets Into It. He Even Has A Little Dance
  6. When these girls start singing their cows do something so hilarious
  7. Watch how this hilarious dog gets over his fear of walking on the carpet

Type 4:

Type 4 Ads follow the same basic intrigue format but use “He, She, They,…” – makes it a bit more personal. I have included sample variants that include the pre-text – when, what, why, how…

  1. She Loves Her New Kitten So Much, She’s Not Letting Anyone Touch Him… EVER
  2. He was just chilling with some fish when something odd happened
  3. They Thought They Were Going To Lose Their New Born SonUntil A Miracle Happened
  4. They Found A Traumatized Dog Stuck In A Shrub. The Reason Why Shocked Them
  5. They Gave Their Dog Some Water Balloons. And This Is The Hilarious Result
  6. The reason why they tied string around a beer bottle is absolutely insane
  7. When He Dropped A Sparkler Into Water, Something Unexpected Happened

Type 5:

Type 5 Ads follow the same basic intrigue format as Types 2,3 and 4 but are a bit more specific about the object/person (while still staying very generic) “A man, a woman, a couple…” It makes it a bit more personal

  1. A Couple Was Driving Through A Storm When They Recorded This Shocking Video
  2. A Woman Risked Her Life To Save A Kitten Stuck In A Drain Pipe
  3. One Man Attempts The Most Gut Wrenching Thing You Will Ever See
  4. An Australian Angler
    Was Reeling In A Hammerhead When A Giant Tiger Shark Ended Up On His Line
  5. While out on safari he got out his GoProWhat he filmed next was the cutest scene ever
  6. Kids Made Fun Of This Old Man’s House, So A Good Samaritan Helped Him Out
  7. German Shepard
    Finally Gives In To His Daughter’s Antics
    And It’s Super Cute

Type 6:

The others… Still working on classification – includes questions, lists, news headlines…

  1. Watch The Cuteness That Occurs When A Baby Elephant Can’t Keep Up With His Bud
  2. 33 Pet Birthdays And Prove That Special Day Of The Year Is Totally The Best
  3. Would You Live In A Shipping Container? After Seeing This You Might Consider It.
  4. You wouldn’t think that bringing a cat to a Koi pond would end up being this cute
  5. A real-life living fossil was found in Japan, And it’s a real horror


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